USB3.0 MIDI Junction USB 2.0 / 3.0

The USB3.0 MIDI Junction offers USB2.0 high-speed and USB3.0 superspeed connections. It increases MIDI speed by getting the datatransfer off the 1ms grid used in USB full-speed transfer. Plus, using USB3.0 superspeed, the computer gets the chance to prioritize the USB3 MIDI data transmission over other transactions.

     It's a USB class compliant interface supporting Mac OS X, iOS, Linux and Windows (Mac OS X or Windows 10 required for USB3.0).

While the evaluation board comes with one MIDI-in and one MIDI-out port, the solution supports up to 16x16 MIDI ports. In order to further increase the data throughput, the USB3.0 MIDI Junction features MIDI Running Status (switchable) and the use of more than one USB endpoint (Windows only). Please   contact us regarding licensing and further information.

       Order the eval board for EUR 73 at Ploytec

UASB3.0 MIDI Junction

Ploytec GM5 USB MIDI chip ("GIVE ME FIVE")

Ploytec's second MIDI chip in company history (introduced in 2008) is used in many existing USB MIDI designs. It's a USB2.0, full speed, class compliant, configurable single chip solution and works on      Android, iOS (camera adapter kit required), Mac OS X, Linux and Windows XP - 10 without the need of any additional driver software.

The GM5 does all combinations from only MIDI In or only MIDI Out to up to five MIDI Ins and five MIDI Outs working simultaneously. An optional 24C04 EEPROM can be used for customized USB VID/PID, product strings and channel count.

Ploytec GmbH provides a Windows USB MIDI driver reducing MIDI latency and allowing the use of USB MIDI from more than one application at the same time.

       Order the GM5 USB2.0 MIDI chip




With eight MIDI In/Out pairs interfacing to USB3.0 and USB 2.0, Alyseum's U3-88c offers ultimate MIDI connectivity.

New product


MIDIMATE eX is a convenient USB 2.0 MIDI interface cable with 2 MIDI connectors. Each can work as independent input or output.

New product

miditech MIDIFACE 8x8

MIDIFACE 8x8 - compact USB3.0 MIDI interface with 8x MIDI In and 8x MIDI Out.

New product


M4U XT - a compact 1/3 rack size USB 2.0 MIDI interface with four inputs and four outputs.

GM5 inside


3-in / 3-out MIDI interface Mi3 and 5-in / 5-out MIDI interface Mi5 in cube design.

GM5 inside


The Terrasoniq MIDI ONE cable has been discontinued. Here's the (alternative)
Windows driver download for multiclient applications.

GM5 insidediscontinued

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